Figuratively, my paintings developed into a series of “City” paintings using a reverse painting technique on plexi glass. The “City” series emphasized a milieu of isolation and sterility, utilizing lustrous saturation of color featuring a singular foregrounded figure set upon a streaming corridor of dynamic coloration juxtaposed against looming buildings. This lone individual infers uncertainty and the inevitable solitary nature of the human condition.  The veracity of the singular individual becomes the primary and inescapable guarantee of human existence. This existential loneliness provokes a possible catalyst, motivating one to challenge personal subjective truths and the fundamental questions of human existence.

My concurrent abstract series utilizes a patterned organic motif and illustrates an implied molecular scheme. These meditations explore the theme of mortality intertwined with biology and confronts the uncertainty and impermanence inherent in nature. 

The landscape of my life shifted significantly after becoming handicapped at a young age. I consciously recognized that my life was unalterably transformed and my former childhood friends would soon grow distant and eventually leave me behind. Many of the sentiments found in my art link directly to these memories, helping establish a vital connection with deep-rooted emotions illustrated in the disquiet and isolation of my paintings.


Painting exclusively on acrylic Plexi glass since 2005 (but initially explored and developed in 1982), Mr. Mindicino has continued producing distinctive and unique art works, utilizing a reverse painting method drawing upon hand painting, engraving, air brush and spray painting techniques. This mixture of vibrant and delicate colors invokes organically inspired abstractions and cityscapes. Winner of the prestigious Wynn Newhouse Award in 2009, Ralph Mindicino’s paintings have been exhibited at the Knoedler Gallery, Delaware Art Museum and ‘Wounded in Action’ Art Exhibition, which toured nationally with locations including the Senate Rotunda in Washington, DC and the National Museum at The Walter Reed Army Medical Center. In 2012, the Rome NY Art  Center hosted a solo exhibition featuring Mr. Mindicino’s work. Several pieces have been selected for inclusion in the permanent art collections of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown, MA and Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital in Malvern, PA, as well as many private collections. Mr. Mindicino’s paintings can also be seen in the set design of CBS’s “Person of Interest” and ABC’s “Body of Proof”. 

Selected Exhibitions and Awards

2017 Art Ability  Juried Exhibition

2017 All About Art Juried Exhibition

2017Solo Exhibition Dejavu Gallery NYC

2016 Art Ability Juried Exhibition

2016 All About Art Juried Exhibition

2015 – Art Ability Juried Exhibition

2015 All About Art Juried Exhibition

2014 – Art Ability Juried Exhibition

2014 All About Art Juried Exhibition 

2013 – Delaware Art Museum Creative Powers Exhibition

2013 – Expo 32 Juried Exhibition BJ Spoke Gallery

2012 – Solo Exhibition Rome Art & Community Center

2012 – Featured Artist Art Ability Annual Bryn Mawr Juried Exhibition

2012 – Art Ability Satellite Exhibition, Philadelphia Foundation’s Community Art Gallery

2011 – 2016 Art Ability Juried Exhibition

2011 – 2016 All About Art Juried Exhibition

2011 – 2012 Bill Lowe Gallery, ArtCAN Juried Exhibition

2010 – 2011 Wounded in Action: National Art Exhibition of Orthopedic Advancements

  • Senate Rotunda Building Washington DC
  • New Orleans Convention Center
  • National Museum at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • Chicago Cultural Center
  • Heath Sciences Library at the University of Maryland-Baltimore

2010 – Knoedler Gallery Wynn Newhouse Award Winners Exhibit

2009 – Winner Wynn Newhouse Awards

2009 – Micro Museum Magic Numbers Exhibition *Winner Best of Show”

2009 – Free Art Tomorrow December Artist of the Month

2007 – Rhonda Schaller Studio Small Rays of Hope & Fragments of a Larger Idea

2006 – Veridian Artists @ Chelsea 17th National Juried Exhibition
“Curator’s Choice” slide show selections



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